Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ciaté Nails

Last week I decided to test out the ciaté caviar manicure. These nails are perfect for a night out as they go with anything and also have a bit of added sparkle to them. However this nail look isn't very hardwearing and when I wore these, they only lasted for around a day until the sparkly balls began to fall off and didn't glisten as much. 
To start with I applied 3 coats of the shooting star ciaté nail polish which is a very simple but nice nude. I love this colour because it's not tremendously obvious if one of your nail chips, so therefore you can go quite a long time wearing this polish before you have to paint your nails again. I personally prefer this plain look to the one with the pearls. 
After applying a couple of coats, I waited for them to completely dry before this next step. So to achieve the caviar look you need to add a final layer of polish and then you have to be rather quick. This is because you have to sprinkle the beads over the nail whilst it's still wet with paint otherwise the pearls will not stick. To make sure they are securely stuck to the nail, press lightly on top of them and once the polish underneath is dry, add a clear top coat to lock the beads in place. Also, it's a good idea to put a box or tub underneath your nail whilst doing this step so that any unused beads are collected and afterwards you can pour them back into the bottle. This way you don't waste any pearls. Overall these nails are very quick and easy and perfect for the times when you're running late and your nails need a quick fix. 
I hope you enjoyed this first ever post of mine and be sure to visit again, thank you very much x