Sunday, 8 March 2015

Transition to Spring

Spring is just around the corner and I'm already fired up for the arrival of colour in my home and the warmer weather. Since I'm so excited about this season, I decided to write a post about the transition from winter to spring. I'll simply be listing my top favourite things at the moment that transition your home and style into the upcoming springtime (and yes, most of the products are very floral related).
 One of the most simplest ways to add a pop of colour to your outfit is to wear a brighter shade of nail polish. It may even sound silly that such an easy thing can make a plain outfit much less mundane. The two nail varnishes in the photo are ones that I'm currently enjoying as we transition into the spring.
Another way to make your home seem more spring-like is by just lighting a freshly smelling candle. Here are a few of the most spring-like smelling candles I own and I am definitely excited to begin to burn these in my room.
A further product I'm excited to use more of as we transition to spring is, Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I haven't been using it too much right now since I consider it to be a much more of a floral scent, which is much more appropriate for the Sunnier months.
Something else that I like to change up is the earrings that I wear. It seems to me to be much more fitting to wear these flower earrings at the time of spring because it's when most plants begin to blossom, it's as if your style fits in with nature. I've also included these fake pearl earrings solely because I love them and they go with pretty much any outfit.
Together with the candles, I also like to refresh and brighten my room with some new and floral bed sheets. The duvet and pillow case in my photo are particularly my favourite currently because I've really been liking the vintage blue and white theme and I can see myself enjoying these colours throughout the spring time.
My final favourite to liven your home, is to purchase or even cut from your garden a few flowers. You can either have them as house plants in pots or just as a bunch in a vase. Any house plants or flowers give you an opportunity to bring nature into your home which somehow makes a room feel more alive. The flowers above are in pots and are very easy to maintain but need to be kept in a well lit area. 
I hoped you enjoyed this post and be sure to stick around for another next Sunday! :) 
Becky x