Sunday, 9 August 2015

First Ever Vlog!

Today I finally uploaded my first ever vlog! Whenever I have seen people's own YouTube videos I've never really realised how much time and effort went into editing it. It's clear to say that it took me much longer than I had ever expected. 

I started editing the footage as soon as it started piling up as small clips within the first few days of the holiday. I'd use the time in the morning and evening when we weren't really doing anything to try and order the clips in a fashionable manner, which looked somewhat alright. Since this is my first attempt at vlogging, and for that matter making a YouTube video, I was stuck using the old school Windows Movie Maker which I found okay until I started importing all the footage throughout the week. It was terrible and the software kept crashing and was dead laggy. 

After editing all the footage I realised that it would be a good idea to split it up since Movie Maker was driving me insane with how slow it was being. At this current moment in time I've only managed to split the first two parts of the video up; the first vlog is uploaded and the second just needs a thumbnail before I shall upload it. 

The reason I wanted to vlog this holiday is because I've been into watching vlogs and YouTube for more than two years now and have been really intrigued and wanted to be able to produce content like some of my favourite YouTubers. I think the only reason I managed to convince Josh into helping me do this is because I introduced him to Hannah Maggs, or should I say The Michalak Family Video Diaries -

Not only was I intrigued by these YouTubers which I had been watching for a long time, but, since me and Josh have been together for a while now, I thought it'd be a good idea to start documenting our lives, not all of it, but the happiest times and when we visit places.

It'd mean the world to me if you went over to my channel and watched these vlogs and told me what you think.

Click Here for the first vlog!

I hope you enjoyed this post; be sure to lookout for more in the future as well as the other vlogs on my YouTube channel that will be uploaded very soon! :) 
Becky x