Monday, 26 January 2015

My Current Favourites

Considering that it's not too long after christmas, and we're all beginning to get to know our new presents and deciding whether they are ones to treasure or ones to put in the back of the cupboard, I've decided to do a review on my current favourite products and items. Many of these are christmas presents, which I'm very thankful for, and others are items that I've owned for a while but only just started to love. These reviews may also give you some present ideas for family and friends in the future. 
My first favourite product is Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I've been wanting this perfume for ages and ages however I kept putting it off considering it's more of an expensive perfume and I would always end up spending my money on other things. Luckily this year I was given it as a Christmas present from my boyfriend and I'm so happy that I finally own it. It's a very spring-like scent and isn't too strong but stays on for a very long time.

My next favourite product is the Wake Me Up concealer by Rimmel. This concealer is my go to, especially when I have an annoying spot that needs covering. I bought this because I heard many good reviews on it and now I understand why. This product is perfect for those who don't have the money to splurge on expensive, high-end makeup products and for those who need something that does the job. I would definitely recommend this product. 

Another favourite of mine is Mint Green Tea by Tetley. Green tea has literally became my go to drink to wake me up after a long day at school and now replaces coffee in my life. To begin with I didn't like the taste of green tea at all and only drank it because I had heard that it was good for you, no matter if it was flavoured or not. However after forcing myself to drink it a couple of times a week, I began to like it and enjoyed making myself cosy and snuggled up with this warm beverage. I've also began to enjoy this drink so much that I now crave it during the day and become excited to go home and relax with a nice mug hot green tea (sounds crazy I know).

For the past few months I've really began to enjoy and get the hang of doing winged eyeliner and now wear it pretty much every day. My next product is the Blackbuster eyeliner pen by L'Oreal Paris. This eyeliner really helped me when first starting out with winged eyeliner and although the nib is rather thick, the pen allowed me to have control whilst attempting the task of achieving 'okay' eyeliner. I now use this pretty much every day and I'm very pleased with how long this product has lasted. I believe it was well worth the money!

During the winter, especially when outside walking or playing sports in PE, my lips become very chapped. To help prevent this I like to wear the Nivea Lip Butter. I have two varieties of this product; the vanilla & macadamia and also the raspberry rosé scent. Both of these lip butters are equally effective and very moisturising. I don't have a favourite and I love both of the scents equally.

Since Christmas was only a month ago, I decided to include this product in my favourites. During the festive period I enjoyed using the Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro nail varnish in the colour Stiletto Red. I particularly loved this colour because to me it's like an authentic red and the colour I think of when I think of the word red. Also this colour was the only festive coloured nail varnish that I own which is of a good quality and because I wore it so much throughout Christmas time, that it has grown on me and I now love this nail polish. 

My last favourite item is in fact another Christmas present that I received from my boyfriend, which is the Snowflake Cookie Yankee Candle. I had already burnt this Yankee Candle scent in the tealights form which I was also given by my mum, who also knows how much I love candles, and loved the smell of them even though it was the middle of summer. So therefore as soon as I realised what Yankee Candle scent I had received I was very excited since I already knew how much I loved it. Even though this candle is meant for Christmas time, in my opinion, I believe that it's suitable to burn all year round and is the perfect vanilla scent and makes your room smell yummy like cookies for a very long time. 

I hoped you enjoyed my favourites and be sure to stick around for more blog posts in the future! :) x