Sunday, 8 February 2015

What's in my School Bag?

Everyday I go to school and carry around the same, essential items. I don't always use these products daily, however it's nice to know they're there just incase I need them. 

My bag's from accessorize and, if I remember rightly, was £32. However I'm not sure if they sell this bag in stores or online anymore. I've had this bag since the beginning of september and it's still in very good condition, even after being used every day to haul my books to and throw from school. 

So what's in my school bag?

1. A pencil case - this pencil case if from Tesco is my number one essential for school because how else are you going to be to write if you don't have a pen?

2. A planner - since I'm now in year 11 it's important that I stay on top of my homework and writing it down in my planner definitely helps me to remember to do it. 

3. Subject books - it's definitely key to remember your books for each subject and in mine today I happened to only have one in my bag for maths.

4. A phone charger - I know that you're not really supposed to use your phone in lessons but at break and lunch when I have nothing else to do, I usually just sit on my phone and go through the internet, listen to my music and relax for a while. Therefore, I take my charger just incase my battery is low so I can plug it into a computer to charge a little. 

5. Earphones - these are mainly for the journey back and forth from school each day. Mainly because I become travel sick very easily on coaches and music helps prevent this. There's also something about zoning out and listening to music and staring out the bus window.

6. A scientific calculator - because I study maths and sciences, I need a scientific calculator so I can complete calculations in class. 

7. Lip butter - I've raved about this product before and I keep it in my bag to prevent my lips from drying out during the long school day. 

8. Paracetamol - it's horrible being in pain at school so therefore for me it's crucial to have these handy in my bag. 

9. Keys - I always carry these in my bag because I need them to use my locker and also incase I get home and everyone's out. I also have a memory stick on my keys so that I'm always able to transport files/work to and from school.

10. Chewing gum - during the school day, especially in the morning, my breath definitely doesn't smell too good. Although we're not supposed to have gum in school, I still take it because I can't stand having bad breath. 

11. Hand sanitiser - I take this in my bag because after touching lots of things that other people have handled, it makes me feel cleaner if I occasionally wash my hands. However sometimes there isn't soap in the toilets or it's too much effort to go there and it's much easier to use some hand sanitiser. 

12. Bodyspray - I love to keep this in my bag so that I can freshen up whenever in the day and always smell good.

13. Hairbrush - I don't usually use this, however if I have to put my hair up for pe or my hair becomes a bit windswept, I like to have a brush to hand so I can try to fix my hair.

14. Water - even though this isn't in the photo, I like to take a bottle of water to school every day to make sure that I stay hydrated.

I hoped you enjoyed this post and be sure to stick around for more in the future! :) 
Becky x