Sunday, 22 March 2015

Travel Sickness: Things not to do

In contrast with my other travel sickness post, I thought it would be a good idea to share the top few things that I don't do whilst travelling to prevent feeling sick.

1) Don't get too hot.
Being hot and stuffy is one of the worst things for me to deal with when coping with travel sickness, so make sure you keep your car well ventilated by having the aircon on or opening a window. A breeze of fresh air from the window really helps. 

2) Don't eat a big meal, especially one that contains a lot of dairy, before hand. 
This is something I definitely try to avoid each time I travel, diary things have never been the best thing for me to have when I'm feeling sick as it makes it much worse.

3) Don't look down at a device or book. 
I know that traveling can be very boring and I can't help but want to go on my phone or any type of device, but because my mind is now focused on what I'm doing on my phone as well as travelling, this tends to make me feel even more sick. Instead of doing this I listen to music, enjoy the scenery I might be passing by and listen to some relaxing music. When traveling it's possibly one of my favourite times to sit back and relax and clear my mind as I don't feel guilty for being lazy and not doing anything.

4) Don't watch the windscreen wipers if it's raining. 
This one may seem weird but I think it's like looking at a device because your mind is now having to be focused on two moving things rather than one. So instead, try closing your eyes and sleep or look out at the side window instead. 

5) Don't block the outside view; sit in the front or in the middle at the back. 
I don't know why this helps, may be it has something to do with not being able to see where you're going but whenever I can't see an outside view, I begin to suffer with travel sickness quite seriously. This is particularly annoying when you're on a coach or bus and there are no window seats left.

6) Don't drink milky beverages.
Like eating dairy products, drinking a milky beverage seems to upset my unsettled stomach even more. Just the thought of it sloshing around inside my stomach whilst I'm on the road is very off putting, especially when I already feel unwell from traveling. 

7) Don't look down.
This always seems to cause my nausea to be worse and sometimes it also gives me a headache. Instead of doing this, I try to focus on the outside scenery.

8) Don't travel with bad smells (dogs). 
To avoid this air freshen your car before you set off and leave doors open for a while before traveling to air it out. Ever since I was little we often travelled with a dog in the car, which is probably why my motion sickness was very bad. However now that I know that bad smells made it worse, I do these techniques before travelling afar with a pet in the vehicle. 

I hoped this post helped you and be sure to lookout for more in the future! :) 
Becky x