Sunday, 19 April 2015

Favourite Time Of The Day; Sunset

There's something about the sun looking as though it's sinking into the edge of the Earth's surface. It would always have me wondering as a kid, wondering what country it would be traveling to next. I know that what I thought wasn't scientifically correct, however it still fascinated me. Now that I'm slightly older it's not just the curiosity of the sun going down that draws me in but also the atmosphere of being able to chill or relax in the evening. Whenever the sky is clear, the setting sun never fails to give an array of beautiful orange and blue across the heavens. 
Especially when the days are warmer, the cool and mild evenings motivate me to go for a walk or light jog. The feeling of going out at dusk somehow makes me feel safe as the lower surroundings are much calmer and dim whilst the sky is still lit by the disappearing glowing orange sun. Luckily the area I live in is pretty quiet, therefore there are no cars or traffic to ruin the effect. 
The cooling air of the nightfall is always pleasant after a scorching hot day, especially if you've been outside and became slightly sunburnt during the sun's hottest moments. The fresh air outside definitely helps me to fall asleep in the evening as well.
Even when the sky isn't clear, the sun magnificently causes small clusters of clouds to glow a beautiful peachy colour. Also the trails left behind by jet planes create some kind of unique glowing pattern in the refreshing dusk sky.
Not only do I enjoy sunsets whilst at home as a way to relax in the evening but also when I'm holiday. One of my favourite things to do is have a campfire on the beach whilst watching the sun set on the sea's horizon as the clean salty sea breeze sweeps around me. 

I hoped you enjoyed this post and be sure to stick around for more in the future! What's your favourite time of the day? :) 
Becky x