Sunday, 5 April 2015

My Favourite Affordable Skincare and Makeup

Most of my everyday skin products are very low in price as I'm still at school and don't have a great deal of money. So for anyone else who is in my situation or low on money I have decided to share my favourite products that are all under £10 to give you help on finding good products for little money.
Foundation - Rimmel Lasting Finish
This foundation is perfect for everyday wear as it's not very heavy on your skin and gives a light covering to give your face a more even tone. The application of the foundation is very good, especially with a large foundation brush which is what I use daily. I wouldn't say that the foundation lasts 25 hours but it certainly stays on my face all day unless I rest my head in my hand in class, which I'm guilty of doing quite a lot. I usually set this foundation with a powder to make it look more matt, however you can leave it as it is if you prefer a more dewy look. It also has added SPF which is perfect during summer so you don't have to worry about forgetting to apply sunscreen to your face.
Face Washes - Garnier PureActive Anti-blackhead Deep Pore Wash for oily skin prone to imperfections
I've been using this face wash in the evening when I shower for the past few months and I've really seen an improvement in my skin as I now feel confident to go out with out wearing foundation. It's a good deep cleansing wash to use after a long day to get rid out any dirt or grime, therefore reducing the possibility of breaking out. The tiny exfoliating bits are amazing at unclogging pores and refreshing your face and making it feel perfectly clean.
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-free Facial Wash
This face wash is much gentler than the Garnier one which is why I prefer to use this one in the morning. After a deeper cleanse in the evening, I don't feel like I need a face wash quite as powerful therefore, this face wash is mainly just to remove any grease build up from over night and as a way to make my face feel refreshed in the morning.
Moisturisers - Clean & Clear Dual Action Oil Free Moisturiser
When I begin to break out or my skin is going through a particularly oily phase, I love to use this moisturiser as I find it great at clearing my spots and reducing oiliness. I tend to only use this at night, however when I do use it in the morning I find it very refreshing and it tingles on my skin. It also has a thin consistency and creates a great base for make-up.
Mascara - Rimmel Scandaleyes
This product has been my all time favourite, low cost mascara for the past few years. I've tried out other mascaras, but time and time again I found myself coming back to this one as it's a good quality mascara that I find best value for money. This mascara also lasts me a good couple of months a time and even when it's running low, I still achieve volume and a good coverage of mascara on my lashes. 

Eye-liner - Collection Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner
I've only recently began to use this eye-liner over my other L'oreal Superliner Blockbuster eye-liner which was beginning to run out. I find the Collection eyeliner much better because it's thinner and therefore easier to apply and the slimmer stick itself makes it more comfortable to hold. However, I would say that neither of these eye-liners last 12 hours, let alone 24 hours, but this may just be down to me rubbing my eyes and by the time I come to take off my make-up in the evening, half of my winged eye-liner is smudged off. Although this product isn't as well wearing as I'd like it to be, it's definitely my favourite eye-liner I've tried out so far.

Concealer - Rimmel Wake Me Up
Only recently have I began to use concealer as a way to cover up my spots and blemishes; before hand I would never bother. However, I did put this concealer under my eyes to hide my slightly visible under eye circles and found that it made my eye bags look worse and it also seemed to crease under my eyes.  Although I have noticed an improvement in the evenness of my face's skin colour since I've been using this product. I would also say it's as long lasting as the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation and I love to pair these two together when doing my everyday face make-up.
Face masks - Any Montagne Jeunesse Masks
These face masks are my absolute favourite face masks and one packet, which is enough for two people to share, usually costs me under a pound. I try to use a facemask once every 1 or 2 weeks whenever I find the time as they are great at helping me keep my skin clear. My favourite ones are the face masks that heat up such as the Hot Chocolate one which smells just like chocolate heaven. 

I hoped you enjoyed this post and be sure to stick around for more in the future! :) 
Becky x