Sunday, 26 July 2015

Packing for a British Summer Holiday

This year I'm for my British summer holiday I'm staying in Combe Maritin in Devon for a week. The weather in Britain is always very unpredictable so therefore I tend to pack a range of different outfits. To start with, however, I make sure to charge all of my electronics and organise all of their chargers etc. Another thing I do before I start packing anything is sit down and write a list of everything I think I need to pack for the holiday. Once I've made the list, I go over it and cross out anything I think is unnecessary so that I can save room in my suitcase or bag.
So that I don't forget anything I tend to pack my things in categories such as; electronics, toiletries, beach things etc. This year I didn't need to take any bulky bottles of shower gel or shampoo so I managed to fit all my toiletry essentials in one regular sized wash bag.
Even if the weather is terrible there is a chance that I will go in the sea on my British summer holiday and luckily this year our site has a swimming pool so a bikini is definitely an essential. Along with my bikini I take a pair of shorts so that I can cover up if I feel like it; some flip flops in case the beach floor is uncomfortable to walk on; a separate beach towel so that I can wrap up in it once I've came out of the water; and also some sun glasses in the unlikely case where the sun actually comes out. 
My makeup bag is anther necessary item along with my purse and a large rucksack (useful for taking my beach things to the beach) and a smaller shoulder bag (useful for days out as it goes with the majority of my outfits). 
Since I'm trying to pack lightly I'm only taking two hoodies; one light coloured and one dark so that I have a hoody to go with most outfits. 
Since the holiday is in England I'm packing one warm(ish) set of pyjamas and one cooler pair of pyjamas along with a pair of fluffy socks for each set. I also packed enough pairs of underwear for each day along with few a extras.
I packed two outfits with shorts in case the weather is warm.
I also packed an outfit with a skirt as a more formal outfit in case we go out for dinner one of the evenings. 
In contrast with the other outfits I packed three warmer outfits since it is Britain and the weather is more than likely going to rainy or cold.
Since Paper Towns is due to come out as a film pretty soon I thought it would ideal to re-read the book whilst on holiday. A cosy blanket and a pair of slippers to keep me warm whilst the weather is rather poor in England.
Somehow I managed to squeeze all of this into these two bags, the rucksack on the left for all my essentials whilst travelling on the lengthy 5 hour journey, and the larger bag with all my clothes in for the entirety of the week.

I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to look out for another holiday themed post next Sunday :) 
Becky x