Sunday, 19 July 2015

A Few Mood Boosters

Sometimes there are days when you feel really down and unmotivated and you just need something to pick you up. I've been thinking about the things I do when I have one of these days and I thought I'd share a few of them with you.

Do Your Hair And Makeup
When you're feeling down about, possibly your appearance, this is a great way to make you feel a lot more confident about yourself. I know that you should love yourself with or without makeup but I find that making myself look slightly better usually perks me up. 

Go Out For A Walk
Depending on how much time you have, go out for a long or even just a short walk. I find that in doing this my mood is instantly boosted and I feel refreshed. It's almost like being outside, particularly if you live in the countryside, makes your brain more occupied on what's around you instead of just the thoughts in your head. 

Working out releases endorphins which are known for enhancing your mood and often make you feel good about yourself. Although you may feel extremely unmotivated to do this when you're feeling sad, it's best to push yourself to do it because you honestly won't regret it afterwards.

Stretching, especially reaching your arms up to the sky, makes you feel good.  

Have A Shower/Bath
Having a shower definitely wakes me up and makes me much more motivated. The warm water gets your blood flowing and makes you 'pumped' for your day.

Change Your Bed Sheets
Whenever I change my sheets, especially to something light, it brightens not only my room but also my mood! Who doesn't love snuggling in bed with crisp, clean bedding? 

Do Anything That Keeps Your Mind Occupied
Going out and keeping myself busy prevents me from thinking negatively too much as you're engaged in whatever activity you're doing.

I hope this post helped you and be sure to stick around for next week's post! (hopefully it will be a holiday related one) :) 
Becky x