Sunday, 25 October 2015

Spider Web Halloween Cupcakes

Since Halloween is only a few days away I thought it'd be appropriate to do a post inspired by the day. This recipe was inspired by a few different cake decorations and styles I saw on Pinterest which I combined together.  

For the cake you'll need...
- 175g Self Raising Flour
- 175g Sugar
- 175g Butter (at room temperature)
- 3 Eggs
- Orange Food Colouring
- Vanilla Extract or Orange Flavouring
- 25g Cocoa Powder
- Splash of Milk

For the topping you'll need...
- Chocolate
- 100g Butter
- 200g Icing Sugar
- Orange Food Colouring
- Vanilla Extract

1) Melt the chocolate, put into an icing bag with a small hole in the end, and on top of a lined baking tray, draw out spider webs. Pop the spider webs into the fridge to set whilst you make the cakes. 
2) Preheat the oven to gas mark 5. Prepare the cake tins.
3) Beat together the butter and sugar in a bowl, then whisk the eggs and add to the mixture bit by bit.
4) Sift the flour and add to the wet mixture. 
5) Split the mixture between two bowls. 
6) Add orange food colouring and vanilla extract to one bowl and combine. 
7) Sift the cocoa powder into the other bowl and add a splash of milk (about 1-2 tbsp) and combine.
8) Share the orange cake mixture between the cake cases so that they're all about 1/3 full. 
9) Fill up the remaining 1/3 of each case with the chocolate mixture.
10) Place in the oven for about 12-15 minutes until they ounce back when you press them with your ring finger, or when a toothpick is put into one and it comes out clean. 
11) Remove the cupcakes from the baking tray and allow to cool down on a cooling rack. 
12) Once they've cooled down, begin to make the frosting by whipping together the butter, icing sugar, vanilla extract and orange food colouring.
14) Put the frosting into a piping bag and decorate the cakes however you'd like.
15) I finished mine off by getting the chocolate webs I made earlier and popped them into the top of the frosting. 
I filled mine a bit too full here, so I'd recommend putting less into the cases. 

I hope you enjoyed this Halloween post, stay around for more in the future! :) 

Becky x