Saturday, 23 May 2015

Dove Go Fresh

For a long time I hated spray deodorants and would solely use roll ons. However, I've recently realised that they're just as good and usually smell a lot nicer! Since discovering that I actually liked spray deodorants, I've tried quite a few out and found some that I really love and some that I really hate. So far the best one that I've found has to be the Dove Go Fresh in the scent pomegranate & lemon verbena. I really find this deodorant long lasting unlike any others that I've tried out. The scent also lasts all day and when you do sweat, all you can smell is the deodorant's sweet scent which either means the scent is strong and lasting or the antiperspirant is doing its job! I believe it's definitely  living up to it's name 'Go Fresh' as I certainly feel a lot cleaner and fresh throughout the day when using this spray. I've always been conscious that I smell and especially because I've been trying to be more active lately, so I'm so glad that I found this product. What I also love about this product is that it doesn't irritate my skin, especially after shaving. Therefore I will definitely continue to buy this product and if you're looking for a new deodorant, I recommend this one!

I hope you liked this post, what's your favourite thing about a rainy day? :) 
Becky x