Sunday, 21 June 2015

What I Learnt From Taking GCSEs

Finally my exams are over and today I thought I'd write a blog post on my experience of taking GCSEs to give an insight on to what it's really like so that, if you haven't taken them yet, you have an idea on what they will be like.

First of all, I would recommend beginning to revise very early before your exams, maybe like a few months before. I found that in doing this I didn't need to stress out as much because I already had all my revision material prepared so a few days before the exam I could just whack the notes and flashcards out and go over and revisit things I had already learnt but just needed to be refreshed in my head. I began to revise my three separate sciences a few months before and I believe that this really benefitted me because I was able to not worry as much about those subjects until a few days before the actual exam.

That brings me onto exams. The majority of people get very worked up and stressed about exams before they happen but realistically, well for me, when you're actually in the hall or wherever you're taking your exam, it didn't feel like it was really happening. For me, I almost forgot that my GCSEs were even slightly important whilst I was sitting there in my chair, waiting for the tedious hour to begin.

As you're approaching your few months of exams, they may seem to be never ending, but trust me they go by so so quickly once you've started study leave. If you revise and spend a lot of your free time doing so, the exam period will fly by as you're constantly busy. So if it does seem like your exams are never ending, trust me they're not.

Whilst I was revising, I did discover that listening to the Fifa 15 soundtrack, on spotify or whilst Josh was playing the game on his xbox, is very relaxing and helped me concentrate on revision. I also discovered the band Catfish and the Bottleman from listening to the Fifa 15 soundtrack and was drawn in by their songs. So I also began to listen to their songs whilst revising as well since I didn't know the words to them. Therefore I suggest listening to relaxing music or songs you like but don't know the words to whilst revising as this worked for me.

The day our school year were let free and allowed to go on study leave was probably the best days of my year so far. It meant I could finally lay in bed and be more relaxed at home and actually do some intense revision. I know that a few people prefer being at school to get work done, but for me I find that I work best at home in the silence of my room. It also meant that on the days that I didn't have any exams I could catch up on my sleep and wake up a hour later, but not too late otherwise my sleeping pattern would become messed up.

The most important thing that I made sure I did was keeping track of when I had an exam. Not only so that I knew which exam I had to revise for and when but also so that I had travel arrangements to get there on time. It would be so annoying if you had revised hours and completely missed your exam just because you had no way of getting there.

One website that I stuck by whilst studying was BBC Bitesize because, if you're in the UK, your exam board and syllabus will more than likely be on there with everything you need to go over and revise. This meant that even if I didn't have all the information for all my syllabuses in my books, I could still revise. The website is like a free revision guide and had everything I needed for exams, especially my science ones.

Another thing I learnt was that if you learn by taking notes, you will probably get through a lot of notepads and paper. I generally got through 3 and a half A4 notepads! You'll also want a lot of pens, especially coloured ones so that you can easily tell the difference between different units etc.

I hoped you enjoyed this post and it helped you! I'm sorry that I haven't been posting as much as usual; I've been taking my GCSEs and I hope you can understand. 
Becky x