Sunday, 28 June 2015

Mini Lush Haul and Review

The Comforter

This bubble bar has been by far my favourite lush product. I love the fact that you get a large amount of the product allowing you to easily use half of it and use the rest another time. It also created lots of bubbles from only about a third of the bar which I think is really good. This product also turned my bath a beautiful pink colour and smelt scrumptious! I will definitely be repurchasing this again and I may even try out the Comforter shower gel since I loved the scent so much.

Space Girl

I really loved the scent of this bath bomb but was let down by its fizziness. This may have been because I used it with the comforter but it didn't fizz very much or create any pretty swirls of colour in the bath water. The scent of this bath bomb was very strong and smelt like those sweets that smell almost perfumy.

Tisty Tosty

This bath bomb truly reminds me of my nan and her perfumes. It has a sweet flowery scent to it and smells very spring-like. When I used this bath bomb, I only used half of it but I would recommend using the whole thing if you want your bath water to become softer and more moisturising. I also thought the couple of flower buds on the bath bomb which become free and floated on the top of the water when the bath bomb fizzies added an elegant and vintage touch. This bath bomb was also a bit more fizzier than space girl.
I hoped you enjoyed this post and be sure to stick around for more in the future! What's your favourite Lush product? :)
Becky x

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