Sunday, 27 September 2015

Autumn or Summer?

Just as I thought autumn was finally here, the sun pops out and heats up the air. Since I had nothing particular to do today (Saturday) and I woke up fairly early, I thought I'd go for a walk along the river and canal. This walk is probably one of my favourites to do to relax and unwind whilst over Josh's, however, whenever I do this walk with Josh, it's usually the in evening and I'm tired and don't pay much attention to the things around me.
 Recently there's been these really cute Shetland type of horses along the river's path. Last time I saw them I really wanted to capture how small and adorable they were, finally I had the chance.

 My favourite thing about walking next to the river in the sunshine was definitely seeing the water glisten as the light hit it. It almost makes it seem magical and like glitter or fairy dust in the sunlight.

 Since my grandad is a bee-keeper, I've always appreciated bees since I know how important they are in nature. This photo is by far my favourite and I love how you feel so close to the bee even if you may be scared of them. 

 Wheat or barley or whatever other grains in a field, always remind me of autumn and the harvest season.
 I tried so hard to try and get a photo of a butterfly but this is as close as I got to it. I'm not sure if this is a moth or not but whenever I think of a butterfly, it's usually a brightly coloured insect with large wings and a small body.

 This factory usually scares the poop out of me, particularly in the evening when I'm half asleep and not emotionally stable. There's always scary banging and noises coming from inside it, however, the sun somehow made me feel okay about walking past it.

 This swan started swimming scarily quickly and close to me, but that definitely didn't stop me from taking a photo as it gave me evils as if to say 'get off my yard'.  
I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to stick around for more in the future! :) 

Becky x